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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Exhaust Hood Cleaning
Exhaust Hood Cleaning

If you are looking for exhaust hood cleaning- you have come to the right place! It is a legal requirement that you keep this system properly maintained, so by working with us, you ensure complete thoroughness, attention to detail, and reliability.


What is exhaust hood cleaning?

Exhaust Hood Cleaning is the process that cleans the exhaust hood in your kitchen. It is also known as a kitchen hood or a range hood and hangs above any commercial cooking equipment such as ranges, grills, and fryers. It contains one or several fans that draw grease, heat, odors, and smoke away from the cooking.

Through this process, all of these substances can become trapped in the hood, causing an extremely flammable build-up, which is a serious fire risk, as well as being unhygienic. A professional exhaust hood cleaning, when done by experts such as ourselves, will clean every element of this system, using a variety of methods to achieve a rejuvenated and fresh appliance.


The kitchen exhaust system

Our specialist team will take apart your exhaust system to ensure every element is properly cleaned. We have professional techniques and equipment to get into every part including the fans, filters, grease traps, ducts, the outer cover, and the underside. We can also install replacement filters when required.

It is essential that you have this service provided as regularly as you need to ensure a whole range of benefits including decreased fire risk, increased overall hygiene standards, enhanced airflow, running more quietly, and keeping yourself on the right side of the law.


Methods, Equipment, and Products

Here at Vaughan Hood Cleaning Pros, we offer a range of ways to provide your exhaust hood cleaning service. With a variety of methods to choose from, our experts will first off perform a thorough assessment of the system and its condition, before providing a recommendation of the best next steps.

We work with a range of equipment and products, all of the highest standard so that we can achieve the best and most thorough clean every time. Our service is available to suit your every convenience, and we offer exhaust hood cleaning on a weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual timescale.

The regularity of the need for this service in your kitchen as well as the type of method and equipment/ products will depend on the amount of use it has as well as the types of fuel and food items you are cooking.


Why work with us?

As the number one hood cleaner in the area, you can trust us to provide the best standard of service that will keep your kitchen, and your property safe. Offering a range of types of exhaust hood cleaning service to suit your exact need, all you need to do is get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Offering a range of appointment times and prices, and working with the best quality products and equipment, for top-notch cleaning services, get in touch today!

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